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Jokes by Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman on Babies

I was sitting next to a young couple with a baby on the plane and I was making the baby laugh the entire flight. Do you know what babies love? Ethnic jokes.

Sarah Silverman on Her Boyfriend

I took a shower with my boyfriend. Ladies, i guarantee you if you take a shower with your boyfriend by the time you step out of that shower your breasts will be sparkling clean.

Sarah Silverman on Carrots

Someone told me that carrots are good for your eyes. What they failed to tell me is that you have to take them orally.

Sarah Silverman on Being Called Racist

I don't care if you think I'm racist as long as you think I'm a thin racist.

Sarah Silverman on Doctors

I was raped by a doctor. Which is so bittersweet for a Jewish girl…