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Jokes by Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia on The LA Riots

During the riots, blacks and Mexicans showed how smart we are. They told us where to go steal shit. We ran to K-Mart, loaded up with shit. Walked out the door. And then we did interviews with evidence in our hands. I’m watching the news going, “Fuck Armando! Put the radio down!”

Carlos Menica on White Crime

Blacks and Mexicans do the dumbest shit. The dumbest genocide. Killing each other other fuckin’ gang territory that doesn’t even belong to us. But when its comes to those crazy “I’ll kill 30 kids, bury them under my house and dress up like a clown”, white people you take the cake on that shit…. Of all the people who got fired from the post office and came to shoot the post office up, how many of them were Black or Mexican? None. And we get fired all the fucking time.

Carlos Mencia on Indian Guys

What is that fucking dot on Indian guy’s heads? I know what it is. It’s a camera. That’s why they work at 7-11. Don’t steal shit. They got your ass on camera.