Tonight: Hard & Phirm and Leo Allen

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Comedy Central has a pretty great double bill of comedians premiering new half-hour specials at 10PM.

First up is the duo Hard & Phirm, who in this clip perform a very touching song about success.

and next up is Leo Allen, who you may remember was part of a Comedy Central Presents as the duo Slovin & Allen. This clip features him taking some advice from his dad.

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Posted by Matt on 01/26  at  02:16 PM

The first guys are pretty talented singers. I love the way the first guy walks out into the crowd.

Posted by seamus on 01/29  at  11:36 PM

I’ve seen Hard & Phirm perform twice—they’re outstanding, and their album is the rare comedy album a grownup would want to listen to more than twice.

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