No. 7… They just don’t make me laugh anymore.

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This article informs us that Letterman’s Top Ten list is now nearly 20 years old. Though a list is a perennial format for ha-has, I remember my distinct distaste for it developed when I heard my high school’s “class clown” ripoff the Top 10 list during the morning announcements. (Even then a comedy snob.)

Thankfully, this little article features Executive Producer Rob Burnett’s favorite lists, which are naturally a bit more eccentric than your topical one: one featuring what if everyone was named Kevin and the other, names for Phil’s new hat store. From the latter:

  • Jimbo’s Lid City.
  • The Jim’o’shantery.
  • Wally’s Hat Shop (under new management).
  • If You Don’t Want a Hat, Then Screw You.

Good reminder that it’s not the form, it’s what you stick into it.

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Posted by Gumphood on 10/22  at  03:10 PM

I loved the Kevin list.  Actually like, I would love if it had something about not needing “Hello: My name is” anymore.  Or maybe not.  Nevertheless I enjoy the weirder humor over the more topical

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