30 Rock DVD Extras from the UCB Theater

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Though the DVD Set for 30 Rock’s second season collects far fewer episodes due to the writers’ strike from earlier this year, this is one extra on the set that burst directly from the strike. As a benefit for some of the crew earlier this year, the 30 Rock cast had a benefit performance of Episode 208 “Secrets and Lies” (at the time an upcoming episode) at the UCB.

It was a highly-sought ticket. But it’s available in full on the disk. As Tina Fey warns, the audio isn’t perfect, but it’s a real kick to see people like Alec Baldwin on the UCB Stage. Here’s a small, small snippet of it featuring Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski.

And here’s just a favorite deleted scene, where Alec Baldwin looking for an executive position at a dot com.

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