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Favorite Comedians


Carrot Top


Delivery: 54321 | Material: 54321

Very funny guy, loved the show.  One of my new favorite comedians.


Russell Peters


Delivery: 54321 | Material: 54321

Had never heard of him until my wife said we HAD to see him. 

He was halarious and now one of my favorite comedians.


Gabriel Iglesias


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OMG!! Funny from beginning to end. One of my favorites.


Carlos Mencia


Delivery: 54321 | Material: 54321

I know a lot of people dont like him and says he steals jokes. 

But damn this guys has good delivery and can make people laugh.  I have seen him and several of the comedians that people said he has stolen jokes from and didnt hear any stolen material.  I am basing my review off the live shows I saw.

He is one of my favorites