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Born: May 25, 1973

Blue Meter: Tame

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  • Delivery: 32101
  • Material: 43211
  • Overall: 43211

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Total Ratings:

Delivery: 32101 | Material: 43211 | Overall:43211


generic Dead Frog avatar gonz o'lager says:
Delivery: 32121
Material: 32121

He’s a really hit or miss comedian. Some jokes are spot on. Others are assumed funny because, well, he said it in a deadpan way. He’s creative and witty but a bit smarmy. I consider him the thinking man’s Carrot Top.

generic Dead Frog avatar stojan211287 says:
Delivery: 21321
Material: 21321
generic Dead Frog avatar eddiegorey says:
Delivery: 21321
Material: 43211

His jokes are funny and original.  The way he tells them though is very annoying.  He talks as if he is a child performing to adults which gets annoying.

generic Dead Frog avatar robocot says:
Delivery: 43211
Material: 54321

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