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Favorite Comedians


Steven Wright



Josh Blue



Jimmy Carr



Doug Benson



Brian Regan


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An wild and crazy Jerry Sienfeld. Truly enjoyable in an era filled with unreasonably disgusting comics, lame joke-stealers, and angry comic knock offs. A comedy class act. Listen if you love observational comedy.


Bob Newhart



Mike Birbiglia


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Mike Birbiglia is a pretty entertaining comic with some excellent delivery and decent material. My pet peeves on him are that he plays the humble card too much. He also likes to use the phrase “I’m not a very political comic” right before ripping on George W. Bush. Come on Mike you don’t have to stoop that low. Otherwise a funny and enjoyable comic.


Emo Philips


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The best joke writer of all time. His stage persona can wear thin but his jokes are some of the most clever in all of stand up. Even smart people can’t tell what the punchline is til’ it’s said.