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Dave Chappelle Dave Chappelle on Premature Ejaculation

I don’t believe in premature ejaculation. If I come, it was right on time.

Steve Harvey

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Maria Bamford’s new album “Ask Me About My New God” coming July 16.

A new album from Maria Bamford is always something to look forward to, even if much of the material is from her self-released "the special special special!" last year. The difference here: you get to hear the material performed for a bigger crowd than her parents and you get Maria's two half-hour Comedy Central Presents specials on disk two. Where is your "God" now? Amazon and iTunes, presumably.


Kyle Kinane’s Going Nowhere Goes Nowhere Except Online

You won't ever get more than 20 minutes of Kyle Kinane's comedic travelogue, so don't get too attached.


The Comedy Awards 2012 Live Blog

All the night's events, including the right/wrong ratio for my real ballot.


Patrice O’Neal 1969-2011

Some will remember him as controversial, but his legacy is how he made stand-up conversational.

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Mitch Hedberg
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4. Patton Oswalt 143 faves
5. George Carlin 141 faves

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George Carlin

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Richard Pryor

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George Carlin

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