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The Guardian has releaed the first of Ricky Gervais’ podcasts featuring his frequent co-writer Stephen Merchant and his possibly backwards and crazy former producer Karl Pilkington (Ricky spends a lot of the broadcast yelling “Are you mental?” at him). The discussion quickly veers from Karl’s luddite dislike of iPods to his idea of controlling overpopulation by having woman become pregnant when they are in the 70s. Karl says this so deadpan you can’t imagine he’s anything but serious (even though there’s some question how real he is).  Longtime fans will be happy to hear that a feature of xfm shows - Monkey News - is a part of the mix. For those who only know Gervais from the Office, it’s fun to see him be the normal one. The shows are going to run for twelve weeks. Boot up iTunes now.

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