A Tease from Norm MacDonald’s Upcoming CD “Ridiculous”

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Norm MacDoanld's CD RidiculousI’ve been fortunate enough to be provided with a track from Norm MacDonald’s upcoming CD entitled Ridiculous. It’s a bit different from previous Comedy Central Record releases in that it’s a sketch comedy record - though some stand-up of his is on a hidden track. The people performing the sketches with him include Tim Meadows, Molly Shannon, and Artie Lange. This one is entitled “The World’s First Two Gay Guys” and includes Jon Lovitz and Will Ferrell.

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Posted by Mike on 08/25  at  06:25 PM

That was pretty damn funny; I hope the rest of the sketches hold up too.  Anyway, it was a nice break in the middle of my day to hear Harry Caray get anally raped.

Posted by Joseph Bua on 08/27  at  02:23 PM

It’s not completely the Carey voice, there’s a little of the Ferrell from the SNL “Bob Barsky” sketches in there too.

Posted by Verbal on 08/29  at  12:14 PM

That was definitely funny.  It really reminded me of Adam Sandler’s comedy albums.  Don’t you mean “Bill Brasky” not “Bob Barsky” from the previous comment.

Posted by Dusty Clark, The Cartoonist on 09/15  at  01:04 AM

Finally, Ugh, Still Fucking Funny. About time this came out.

Posted by sam on 09/26  at  11:52 AM

For someone with as much comedic experience as Norm, he definitely should be a lot funnier than this shit.
If he’s going to plug the album with a funny track, he probably should’ve chosen a funnier one.

He’s had years and years to hone his craft and he still hasn’t, he’s funny every now and again in random places, but he just doesn’t have the raw talent to come up with new ideas. This was pretty disappointing.

He’s never fit into the comedy circuit anywhere, he tries things and fails, which is disappointing because everyone knows he is hilarious, he just can’t apply his hilarity to anything major.

Anyone agree? disagree?

Posted by Enzo on 09/29  at  06:30 PM


Posted by Bergie on 10/18  at  02:14 PM

That was amazing, it really started picking up once they started having sex.  I cried.

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