A Preview of “Steven Wright: When the Leaves Blow Away”

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Later this week, we’ll have my interview with Steven Wright. But first, an exclusive clip from his upcoming stand-up special “Steven Wright: When the Leaves Blow Away”, his first in sixteen years. It airs this Saturday the 21st at 9PM.

The following clip is courtesy Comedy Central

Update: Read the aforementioned interview with Steven Wright.

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Posted by Mo! on 10/16  at  03:58 PM

Love the economy of words. Half the time the set-up is hilarious, which puts him above Demetri Martin, Mitch Hedberg and dare I say Zak Galifianakis.

Posted by Jack on 10/18  at  03:08 AM

Steven Wright always reminds me of Bob Newhart in a way.  I’m not too sure if it’s the delivery or the subject matter, but he’s classic and never changes and doesn’t need to.

Posted by Susie V Kaufman on 10/28  at  04:12 PM

I loved that Jack (above) mentioned Bob Newhart.  There IS a feel that both of them have, and I think it does have to do with the delivery.  They both have that incredible charm, and such an intense sense of humor.

This “concert” had me laughing out loud, while watching it alone, and I can’t WAIT for this to come out on DVD!  I usually don’t buy comedy on DVDs (how many times can you watch the same thing??!), but this will be a treasure, and definitely worth sharing with all my friends.

Posted by Hammer on 05/14  at  11:32 AM

Steven Wright is hilarious but Bob Newhart talks very fast and stutters so I’m missing the similarity.

Posted by Mary j Davis on 05/15  at  03:50 PM

I believe the similarity between Newhart and Wright is the so called “DRY” humor…or “satire”.

Posted by Jazz on 05/19  at  12:18 AM

I was at this show, I want to get the DVD, I don’t have cable so couldn’t watch on TV…He was great.  Too bad i was in such a bad mood that day, i would have enjoyed it more.  Classic comedy! I am 28 and I used to watch him when I was little, too little to get the jokes really but I loved listening to him.  Now that I get the jokes all the more enjoyable.  That theater is really beautiful.

I wonder if u can see us on the DVD>?

Posted by Ronald E Monye on 06/16  at  03:50 PM

I love steven wright

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