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Delivery: 21021 | Material: 32121 | Overall:21021


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generic Dead Frog avatar Seattlelite says:
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Greg Fitzsimmons decided that since he couldn’t make people laugh, he was going to kick 3 young ladies out of his show, in front of the entire audience. Is that what comedians do? That if you are not funny enough, that you’ll have to resort to kicking people out of his show? I thought artists depend on their followings and act to make a living. Greg Fitzsimmons decided to focus on a particular young Asian American lady sitting in the front, whom he offended, but instead of leaving it & moving to something else when she didn’t want to participate in his offensive act, he took it way further and making it worse by humiliating her & continuing to throw offensive remarks at the young lady for 3 minutes! Obviously, Greg Fitzsimmons couldn’t handle that somone didn’t find him funny & was threatened by that, thus his resorting to publicly telling the ladies to get out. The ladies were not laughing because Greg Fitzsimmons thought it was ok to poke fun of people’s ancestors. If the person doesn’t find it funny, move on. There’s no need to continue picking on them for 3 minutes in public degrading them, using offensive remarks. Yes, Greg Fitzsimmons, I do have a humor, but I didn’t find it humorous when you mocked my ancestors incessantly.

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