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Stand-Up Comedian Adam Sandler

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Born: September 9, 1966

Blue Meter: Risqué

Member Ratings

  • Delivery: 32101
  • Material: 32101
  • Overall: 32101

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Won: 2214 | Lost: 1354

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Total Ratings:

Delivery: 32101 | Material: 32101 | Overall:32101


generic Dead Frog avatar ReflectiveTrauma says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321
generic Dead Frog avatar afro gothic says:
Delivery: 43211
Material: 43211

I don’t get why people don’t like this guy, i think his movies are good and his stand up is funny. I like his little boy act.

generic Dead Frog avatar steph.sottile says:
Delivery: 21321
Material: 14321

I’ve always just found him annoying and unfunny.

generic Dead Frog avatar tensleeplake says:
Delivery: 32121
Material: 43211

He constantly relies on his “little boy” delivery. His music is the best part of his routine. To his credit some of his movies are great.

generic Dead Frog avatar jimbobsonagod says:
Delivery: 21321
Material: 21321

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