Robert Kelly

Jokes by Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly on Too Fat

I don’t want to get too fat. There’s that fat when you drop something, you’re like, “Do I need that? I dunno. Let me try - aagh! - No. I don’t need that. My lip went numb. I don’t need that at all. I’ll get a whole new baby tomorrow.”

Robert Kelly on Video Games with Your Girlfriend

You ever play a video game with your girl? They’ll hit one button 87 times because they like the color on the remote. “Ohmigod! Blue! Yea!” And win every game. “I won! Yea! I’m a ninja!”
I get mad. “You’re not a ninja! I’m the only ninja of the house! I do flips. You kick me in the shin 87 times.”

Robert Kelly on Post Sex

After sex now is so disgusting. As soon as we’re done, my girl dismounts me like she’s getting off a dirty bicycle. And then she just leaves… she won’t even look at me. It’s like she just had sex with a trucker for gas money.