Self Promotion Alert: Dead-Frog on Attack of the Show Again

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This isn’t news to some of you people, because you’re coming to the blog exactly because of this kind mention on Tuesday’s episode of G4’s Attack of the Show. But here it is for the rest of y’all.

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Posted by Sean L. McCarthy on 03/28  at  01:57 AM

Congrats, Todd! I’m jealous. Did I say congrats? Yes? OK. Good. (I’m jealous)

Posted by Don on 03/28  at  11:49 AM

Nice job, Todd. How much does your traffic go up after this?

Chase Roper
Posted by Chase Roper on 03/28  at  12:12 PM

That’s pretty freaking awesome. Kudos to you Todd!

Posted by Danielle on 03/28  at  06:56 PM

That’s amazing, and so very true!  Glad to see Dead-Frog getting the recognition it deserves.

Posted by Chris B on 04/06  at  11:17 PM

It’s about time you got some more notice. Keep it up, Todd.

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