Please Reanimate Phil Hendrie

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A while back I boggled at the possibilities of an Animated show featuring radio genius Phil Hendrie and Sarah Silverman. I recently downloaded the pilot (at least the part that was animated) via BitTorrent through MySpleen.

First off, it looks amazing. The animation style is incredibly charming. Sadly, only the first act was fully produced, obviously as a test to see if Fox would go further. The rest of the episode is available as audio only. As for the plot, though it covers pretty average sitcom territory for Phil’s home life (a stepdad dealing with kids not his own), it does a great job integrating Phil’s radio characters into the story and the outrageous conversations that they have with live callers. If you get a chance, download it. Or better yet, subscribe to Phil Hendire’s site, where you get it, his NBC pilot and access to a massive archive of his radio shows. Really worth the $6.95 a month.

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