Joe Rogan Confronts Carlos Mencia on Stealing Jokes

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Joe Rogan‘s been pissed that joke thieves seem to get off without any backlash. And now, he’s doing something about it. This on-stage debate with Carlos Mencia is pretty brutal. Let’s watch it.

A couple of things here. I don’t think Ari Shaffir owns the joke about illegals building the wall to keep them out. It’s a joke that can be done by anyone. And worse yet it has been done been done everyone. Check out this post on Media Matters. a liberal watchdog group, where it takes Ann Coulter for task for actually suggesting illegals build the wall as a legitimate proposal. Where do they say she took it from? SNL. (BTW, this is probably the best evidence yet that Ann Coulter is a character and she doesn’t believe half of what she says.)

I’ve seen the Daily Show do a version. George Lopez has also been credited with it. If you search Google for variations on the punchline, you’ll find several others who aren’t even comics coming up with it. Even if Carlos heard it from Ari opening for him, he could have heard it four or five other places as well. Or write it himself, because it’s that simple of a joke. The video even contradicts itself. When Carlos says a Jew couldn’t think up this joke because it wouldn’t be his forté, the video points out that Ari’s act is mostly about racial material. If Carlos is stealing from Ari, wouldn’t he be up on Ari’s act? Just a thought.

That said, I do believe Carlos could well be a thief. The video or audio I want to hear is the 10 plus minutes of similar material between George Lopez and Carlos Mencia that’s referenced in the video. Now that would be damming evidence. But again, dismissing Carlos over that one joke, not enough. But hopefully, seeing Joe confront someone like Carlos will make other comics more likely to speak up - Bobby Lee should put together his own comparison video too. Let’s get all this out in the open.

Joe Rogan description of the night.

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Posted by Dark Sevier on 02/16  at  04:51 PM

Open Letter to Comedy Central-

The internets strike again, and another vortex opened between the black hole of the Comedy Store and the groundswell of humanity that is absorbing the mainstream out of existance.

Ha ha.

The underground of the comedy world has found a way for us to hear them, and I plead Comedy Central to listen to them.

Lets support the comics that don’t steal other peoples material.  Let’s support some original artists in their non-pepsi shilling quirkyness. 

Support the Jesters and send the clowns packing.  They have had the center ring long enough.

The artistry of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report is excellent, and I laud Comedy Central for nurturing those babies.

But I feel that those shows are just the beginning of a renaisance in Humor in this country.  We need something more than just amusing.  We need to be slaping our knees and wrenching our guts laighing at ourselves, as a country, as a life form.  Easy to make jokes at other peoples expense.  More heroic to be able to laugh at ourselves

Down with the Malevolent Clowns!
Up with the Benevolent Jester!

Laughter is the best medicine and we need heavy doses right now.

Help us Doctor.


Dark Sevier

Posted by Jon S on 02/17  at  04:44 PM

Y’know, everyone complains that Mencia isn’t really mexican and that it’s just a gimmick.  I kinda like it that Mencia steals jokes in order to legitimize that persona.

Posted by B Snake on 04/04  at  03:38 PM

Ari created the joke in 2004, as a response to Gov. Shwartzeneger’s suggestion of building a wall. Ann Coultier’s remarks were said in 2006. When Ari made the joke, it was topical. Personally, I think Ari and George Lopez created the joke independently of each other. Carlos heard it from either one of them or SNL, or maybe even Ann Coultier. At any rate, he has a history of stealing. I stopped watching his show after just a few shows into the first season because his “edgy” humor was just tired and his best material was stuff he stole.

Posted by Fred on 05/16  at  12:20 AM

That’s such a fucking lame and obvious joke.  The idea that someone can claim they were first is a joke.

Posted by d on 05/22  at  06:03 AM

Are you kidding me?  “Ari created the joke in 2004”  This joke was passed around the military for a few years before that, I heard and my time was up in 2001 so thats just bogus.  Getting on Carlos for not being pure Mexican (His mother is by the way) is funny, but sorry he beat you to the punch and has a routine about why he changed his name from Ned so that he wouldn’t get beat up in East LA.  He more often refers to himself as a beaner.  As far as stealing from Lopez, I have seen Lopez’s stuff and it reminds me of the many comedians that were on the gala channel during the late 90s.  As much as you want to believe your fav comics (fans of Cosby read this twice) most of their jokes are rehashes of someone else’s before them.  The newness comes in when they are on stage and react to an audience.  Again I will bet money that Bill Cosby wasn’t the first to think about football players saying HI MOM, people laughed NOT because they had never thought of it before, but because they too have sat around on Sunday thinking the same thing.  Its been a running joke thats been around since sports and radio (you know before TV) found each other.  If you don’t believe me ask your grandfathers and great grandfathers.  Comedians don’t write new jokes, the write jokes about things we already find funny, and if we find it funny chances are someone else already said it.

Posted by krad on 12/09  at  06:39 PM

if you search youtube about Mencia and joke stealing you’ll find dozens of brazen examples.

i think the worst is him stealing the football story from the Cos’. anyhow, there’s no debate. Mencia steals jokes.

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