Clips from David Cross and Jon Benjamin’s “Freak Show”

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A good chunk of the pilot for Freak Show has made it to the web including the following, which seems to be most current, as it’s the same clip Comedy Central has on its own site:

and this, which has some muted colors but much more material - though still not complete:


There’s more of this later one, after the jump. (Thanks AST)


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Posted by bobby 1 on 10/04  at  04:05 PM

Yo, this show looks pretty funny…you can check out a lot more cool stuff regarding freak show at Apparently, they have a David Cross connection. Thats a good connection to have. Funny stuff…check them at

Posted by Sara on 10/05  at  04:13 PM

Thanks for the comprehensive page about Freak Show. It looks like a good band-aid for those of us missing Arrested Developement.

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