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Grammy Nominations are in for best Comedy Album of 2005. They are:

I imagine it’s pretty likely Chris Rock is lock for this (considering he’s won twice already and still putting out quality material ), with Larry the Cable Guy a close second. Lewis Black has an outside chance, considering the Daily Show audio companion to America the book won last year. I’m a little surprised Dane Cook’s Retaliation, with it being the biggest comedy album in years sales-wise, didn’t make it. Of course, Dane lives in a strange fame forcefield - a number of blog posts I read about his recent hosting of SNL started with “I’ve never heard of him, but…” And of course, it’d be a bit more interesting to see something a bit more experimental and independent on the list, like The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman or Todd Barry’s Falling Off the Bone. I know, I know. It rains puppies and gumdrops in my chocolate Shangri-La!

Any favorites in this group? Anything else that should have been nominated instead? Comment below.

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Posted by Sheively "NonStopTalka" Buisson on 01/13  at  09:34 PM

CHRIS ROCK hands down, he deserves it, he’s the funniest and smartest comedian of our time.

Posted by JDM on 02/09  at  10:47 AM

I am assuming Dane Cook will not be nominated until next year.  The Grammy people are terrible about nominations in a timely manner.  Dane Cook is the funniest comedian in America right now…Mitch Hedberg was until he passed away.  Chris Rock is funny, but more importantly he is popular, which means he has more exposure and these awards are based on popularity not quality of material.  “Retaliation” is far more funny than “Never Scared.”  At least Pryor received a Lifetime Acheivement award.

Posted by Sheively "NonStopTalka" Buisson on 02/14  at  01:01 PM

“JDM”, you must be kidding, ok I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and go fully listen to Retaliation, but I seriously doubt that it could surpass the level of inegenuity that “Never Scared” possesses.  Chris doesn’t just curse, he has quality material.  I’ll be back to post.

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