A Preview of “Brian Regan: Standing Up”

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Brian Regan has been a sort of stealth comic - making huge audiences laugh without having much TV exposure. That’s about the change a bit on Sunday when “Brian Regan: Standing Up” premieres on Comedy Central this Sunday at 10PM. Here’s a couple of clips from it:

I love the incredibly long pause he holds here. It’s amazing how the mouth movements milk a bit of laughter every time.

This clip is just sarcasm at its best. Plus: I don’t really think of Brian Regan as a shape shifting comic, but damn if he doesn’t look like a donkey while he’s braying.

If you like this, you’ll be happy to know this is just the first part of his Comedy Central deal which involves a live tour (going on right now) and a second one-hour special. So eat up, more to come.

Update: Check out my Interview with Brian Regan where we talk about not being good clean fun and why tour buses are the death of comedy.

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Posted by Tony on 06/10  at  01:24 PM

Can’t wait to see this new special. Too bad it’ll only be 40 minutes of material interspersed with 20 minutes of Comedy Central bumpers and self-promos. Ugh.

The first clip is great - pauses that long spell instant death for most comics, but Regan always pulls it off.

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