Sketchfest NYC - Thursday

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If you’re in New York, you should by all means check out Sketchfest NYC. But if you can’t, here’s a clip from most of the groups so you can experience it virtually or interwebby or whatever adjective you’d like to use. If you are going to be there, here’s what you’re in for tonight.

7PM: A Week of Kindness & Drop Six
A Week of Kindness: Handsome Richard’s Late Night Phosphate

8PM: The Farce Side
The Farce Side: Facebook Photo Shoot

9PM: All American Push-Up Party & Party Central USA
All American Push-Up Party: Last Year’s Sketchfest Performance

Party Central USA: Dad & Peter

10PM: Kurt & Kristen
Kurt & Kirsten: Last Year’s Sketchfest Performance

11PM: Two Girls for Five Bucks & Tybrus
Tybrus: Get Yo Hand Out of My Ass

MIDNIGHT: Harvard Sailing Team
Harvard Sailing Team: Groceries

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