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9603 Deereco Road
Timonium, MD 21093

(410) 252-2727



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default avatar ComedyAddicted says:
Rating: 43211

We drove up from Woodbridge to see Pauly Shore. It was our first time here and didnt know what to expect. 

The venue was nice and good atmosphere. 
Plenty of free parking was nice.
It didnt feel over crowded like a lot of other comedy clubs.
If you come as a couple expect to be seated with other people, but that is standard at most comedy clubs.
I had was the Philly sliders I ordered were cold, would have been nice to have warm food.
Been waiting for a reason to return but doesnt seem like they have had any great shows lately.

Enjoyed the photo opportunity with Pauly Shore.

Would recommend

default avatar comedyinpa says:
Rating: 54321

Magooby’s just moved a few months ago to a new location.  The old location was in the basement of some Italian restaurant.  It was nice and all, but, kind of weird.  The new location though, where Magooby’s is located now, is incredible!  It is roomy with different levels of tables-kind of like stadium seating but with tables.  You’d have to see the inside to know what I’m talking about, but trust me, it looks cool.  There are a few other comedy clubs around Baltimore, (and it depends on your taste), but I like the draw Magooby’s gets the most.  They just seem to get the better comedians.  The drinks are good and the food is definitely above par for a comedy club.  Our server was telling my wife and I the corniest jokes while he was waiting on us.  He was funny and added to the night-but, yeah, keep him off the stage and make sure he leaves it to the pros!  Overall though, service is really good. Haha. I also like Magooby’s because it’s not right in the city-parking is easy, there’s a nice hotel literally right next door.  Also, I took my son to one of their Sunday shows for kids.  There was a magician/comedian guy who put on a great show for the kids.  The kids loved him and he was actually pretty funny for the adults, too.  There isn’t a bad seat in the house (as clice as that sounds).  I’ve only seen three shows there, but I’ve never really encountered a heckler.  Other clubs in Baltimore that I’ve been to have horrible problems with hecklers and how they (mis)manage them. 
All in all, Helium in Philadelphia will probably always be my sentimental favorite comedy club.  However, truth be told, Magooby’s (in my estimation) is the nicest, most fun comedy club in this area.

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