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Largo at the Coronet

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Apr 4 Sat
8:00 PM
Paul Scheer's "How Did This Get Made?" Podcast Taping
Apr 7 Tue
8:30 PM
Come To Papa Live!

plus Kyle Dunnigan, Steve Agee, Christina Pazsitsky, Melissa Villasenor, Cynthia Koury

Apr 17 Fri
8:30 PM
Pete Holmes Living at Largo
Apr 19 Sun
8:00 PM
Literary Death Match

plus Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods

Apr 25 Sat
9:00 PM
May 1 Fri
8:30 PM
Tig Has Friends
May 2 Sat
8:30 PM
The PFT project X
May 7 Thu
8:30 PM
Jul 18 Sat
9:00 PM