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Stand-Up Comedian Eddie Murphy

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Born: April 3, 1961

Blue Meter: Dirty

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  • Delivery: 43210
  • Material: 43210
  • Overall: 43210

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Won: 2785 | Lost: 1208

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Total Ratings:

Delivery: 43210 | Material: 43210 | Overall:43210


jjb157 rated: Delivery: 54321 Material: 54321
Java1217 rated: Delivery: 43211 Material: 43211
generic Dead Frog avatar The Reptilians says:
Delivery: 32121
Material: 32121

If Eddie Murphy was still doing material like that which he showcased on Raw and Delirious, he’d have received a much higher rating. However, due to the fact that over the last 15 years he’s become a child’s film star, his comedic relevance has diminished considerably.

generic Dead Frog avatar salsakid34 says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321


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