Unlikely Rumor: Amy Schumer, Winner Last Comic Standing

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I’ve been kind of loathe to talk Last Comic Standing, but the folks at Shecky noticed an event listing for the upcoming Last Comic Standing tour has an implication that Amy Schumer is the winner. Here’s the relevant quote from the Mohegan Sun website:

Amy Schumer has been a regular on the Manhattan comedy-club circuit. Her win on Last Comic Standing, along with frequent appearances on MTV shows such as Fight For Your Rights continue to build her audience. (Show Listing)

Shecky rightfully speculates that this might mean a couple of things rather than “winner”. It could be a reference to the fact that she got in the top 5. But writing down “win” sounds pretty unambiguous.

Then consider the press release you find for the event in their press room. Here’s what it has to say about Amy:

Amy Schumer has been a regular on the Manhattan comedy-club circuit and also appeared on MTV shows such as Fight For Your Rights. (Press Release)

Otherwise that passage is almost identical to the one on the show event page, save for some fixed typos and grammar. So this is a “second draft” of what’s in the show event listing.

So here’s what I think. Amy’s only been performing stand-up for five years, as they like to remind on LCS constantly. So in an attempt to enhance Amy’s relatively shorter list of credits, a publicist decided to mention her getting on Last Comic Standing (“her win”) in the first draft of the release. Then, realizing how it read, took it out on the rewrite, hence the corrected grammar and spelling. The first draft went out to some partners so they could get a jump on things and nobody noticed there was an updated version. Also, with the voting is ostensively based on the live weekly performances, I have a hard time believing the show winner would be rigged. Though I don’t like LCS, the producers aren’t that stupid.

So I don’t think Amy Schumer’s won Last Comic Standing yet. But an interesting potential “oops”...

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