NYUCF: Letterman Auditions

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Yesterday’s Letterman Auditions were a bit fun, although watching TV ready sets in a comedy club sort of loses the reasons why people go see live comedy anyway… to see what you can’t on TV. Plus, with a two hour length, it’s a bit of a march after an hour and a half. Even I find it hard to judge how funny someone is at that point. (No wonder most comedy films clock in at 90 minutes.) Do the talent bookers have that much endurance or do they just want to get ‘em all done at once?

I still had a few favorites at this show, one of these being Roy Wood Jr. - who had a great bit about all other races gaining equality in this country but only after they go through their turn picking fruit. His Septupalet bit (which you can see here) is pretty good too. My favorite joke from the night came from Liam McEneaney about being raised Nerd rather than Catholic or Jewish - instead of a conformation or a bar mitzvah, he’s taken to a murder mystery as part of a Star Trek convention. I also liked Myq Kaplan, who had a great bit about women breastfeeding in movie theater (they said no outside food!). (You can see this and another good bit of his about pyramid schemes here).

It was also fun to see Todd Barry open to warm up the room for what was to come - but judging from the laughter coming from where the comics were congregating, it was even better for them.

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