Louis CK gets “Chewed Up” in October

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Louis C.K. is probably my favorite comic working today. There’s a level of honesty about his personal life and a sense of craft that’s worked the jokes to a razor’s edge but without losing the spark that made them so funny in the first place. So I’m really looking forward to his second one-hour special, “Chewed Up.” Louis has taken on Chris Rock’s model of training for each special like it’s a prizefight. So this isn’t just another show, this is the show.

Here’s a clip from that special where Louis talks about September 11th is a yardstick for your masturbation habits.

“Chewed Up” premieres on Showtime October 4th at 11 PM.

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Posted by Joseph on 09/04  at  06:51 PM

This was taped at my school and it couldn’t have been a greater experience. The most I’ve ever laughed ever in one sitting ever. Ever. I’m so excited to see the finished product.

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