Just Started, Already Cancelled

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No sooner has the US industry-heavy portion of Just For Laughs gotten underway than it experiences its first casualties. The Comedy Conference’s kickoff event, the 10 a.m. Thursday-morning Keynote Address, got the axe, though The Colbert Report head writer Barry Julien’s addition to the “Late Night: In the Writer’s Room” panel managed to swing the scales back a bit. In the past, “The Green Room with Paul Provenza” enjoyed a healthy three-evening midnight run. This year, only two 1 a.m. shows were scheduled, but Thursday’s offering was removed from the schedule Wednesday night; Friday’s show yanked the following morning. And on the Gala front, Wednesday Britcom host John Cleese was replaced by Lewis Black (the Monty Python star has rescheduled for Sunday) after Cleese was diagnosed with an inflamed prostrate gland. Perhaps he pulled something practicing his silly walks?

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Posted by ResilientRabbit on 07/23  at  12:16 PM

That’s messy. Why all the changes? (Beyond those dictated by medical necessity.)

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