Goodbye Bluths. “Arrested Development” Over.

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Jason Bateman and Jeffery TamborVariety reports that creator of “Arrested Development” Mitch Hurwitz will not return as showrunner for a fourth year. Though as many point out, Fox still hasn’t officially cancelled the show, the main hope for it continuing was a deal for two more seasons on Showtime. Their main condition was Hurwitz coming along. With him saying no, it’s likely the final stretch of episodes burned off for the Olympics will be the last seen.

The pressures of maintainly the quality of a show that’s so tightly plotted, edited and layered must be enormous. I’ll miss what he, his writers and the amazing cast did, but really the finale capped the series so perfectly, I couldn’t see how anyone would want to crack it back up again. When you think about Michael walking away from his family in the last episode, you can’t help but think Hurwitz was telling us his intentions from the beginning. The story was told.

I’d be curious to see a feature film of “Arrested”, as Hurwitz suggests. But I’d prefer to see a brand new show from him. He’s a creator to follow. Hopefully the conversations with Showtime were friendly enough that they’ll offer him a chance to do something else that he’d be willing to do that could fit into their budgets. Whatever the case, Mitch, thanks for making something truly great.

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