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Lewis Black and Jim Norton star as the far-too-filthy comedy team of Burt and Dick, two vulgarians from the age of vaudeville. The whole thing is too long for sure but there’s some great gems in there crossing the excessively filthy language and humor of today with the stiffness and patter of early showbiz. And the attention to detail in portraying each era is amazing. Jim Gaffigan narrates the whole thing and there’s cameos from Judy Gold, Eddie Brill and Jim David in here. Here’s a clip from Sidesplitters featuring one of their “classic” routines:

Besides this there’s another routine playing on the word “abroad” and a short aside about a monkey who’s a former partner of Burt and goes on to be more famous than him. Putting Black and Norton together is an inspired choice… they’re not two comics I naturally imagine together so it was charming and exciting to see them mesh, particularly in ways that still fit their personas.

Like it? It’s sold with a couple of other shorts on DVD featuring not only Black and Norton, but also Greg Giraldo, Greg Fitzsimmons and Rich Vos at

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Posted by Comedy Blog on 04/14  at  06:42 PM

Sounds good. You can’t go wrong with these two clowns. Instead of “Burt and Dick”, they should use “Meat-Tits and The Aneurysm”.

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