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At, Bob Odenkirk posted yesterday that a favorite project of his - a TV pilot entitled “Derek and Simon” - will, naturally, not be made into a series. The saving grace this time is that will be part of the Sundance Film Festival. And even if you can’t make it to Utah (due to not being a film executive, a mormon or Mr. Redford), they’ll also be showing it on the web starting January 19 at the following address:

I’ll be sure to remind you when the time comes. I take Bob’s word that it’s good stuff, since another show of his “Next!” (which saw no light of day save for the Other Network) featured a fantastic sketch of a R & B singer cheating on the American flag. Sigh. Maybe if this is a huge download, Bob will forget network middlemen and just try podcasting.

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Posted by jordan Morris on 12/20  at  05:38 PM

I saw this a couple of weeks ago at the UCb theater in LA.  Bob showed it as part of a interview program.  It was every bit as good as you’d want it to be.  A real shame it never made it to TV.  Zack Galifinakas has a hilarious cameo as a guy who has an odd ammount of disease trivia. 

One reason I can think of that it didn’t make it on is that it is really similar to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on FX.  It’s an allright show, but nowhere near as funny as this.

Posted by Sean Smith on 01/22  at  05:39 PM

The short is called “The Pity Card” - Here is a direct link.

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