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HBO has picked up Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’s comedy pilot with shooting to start in March. (Apparently, the pair were so excited by the concept - they cranked out two scripts, allowing HBO a chance to pick out the one they thought would be the best pilot.)

This is possibly the best news for comedy geeks Seeing the two creators of the brilliant sketch comedy program “Mr. Show” back together for a regular TV series has pretty much been a fevered dream since the aforementioned “Mr. Show” ended it’s run nearly 10 years ago.

The upcoming series’ name and concept is yet to be revealed. David previously described it as a “non-traditional, yet traditional, yet not really, sit-com.” But they did give out a small preview with the following telling script except:

DAVID: “He burps the Star Spangled Banner. You people love that shit.”

It’s gonna be good to have them back.

Update: Here’s the series concept and working title, via an interview with David on MTV Movies Blog.

It’s currently called “David’s Situation” with Cross playing himself. In the show, the comic has quit show biz and is working for inflight magazines. He lives with two roommates in a gated community, each the polar opposite on the political scale - one left and one right. David: “And I’m right in the middle.” (You can probably tell now which roommate he was talking to in the quote above.)

The show will make fun of sitcom conventions. I’m less certain that, making fun of sitcoms is almost as well-trod territory as the original clichés, but if anyone can find a fresh take on them it’ll be Odenkirk and Cross. More promising to me is that the pair intend to keep the sitcom act break structure and break them up with fake commercials, which will allow the pair to exercise their considerable sketch comedy chops directly. Looking forward to embedding those.

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Posted by JackSzwergold on 03/15  at  04:23 PM

On the one hand, I look forward to seeing what they can do when they get back together.  But on the other hand, I can’t help but think that if their post-“Mr. Show” projects panned out they wouldn’t come back together again.

Posted by Joe on 03/16  at  02:18 AM

I just went from impotence to the biggest orgasm of my life. Mine jaw is DROPPED.

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