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Comedian Tom Papa takes on body image issues, social media, pets, Staten Island, the 'old days' and more in a special from his home state of New Jersey.

Tom Papa | You’re Doing Great | Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Special Trailer


Tom Papa Explains Why The Good Old Days Were Not Great | Netflix Is A Joke


"No, You're Not Slim Shady" - Tom Papa - Full Special

Ari Shaffir welcomes comedians Tom Papa, Steve Simeone and Gastor Almonte to tell stories about their families.

Ari Shaffir hosts Tom Papa, Ralphie May and Rob Corddry as they tell stories about the people they know best: their families.

With a shiny happy exterior, an offbeat, demented interior and direction from Rob Zombie, Tom Papa's "Live In New York City" attacks our hilarious attempts at happiness as life piles up around us. He jokes about becoming a parent, family pets, and boundaries for technology.

Tom Papa brings everyone’s dirty little secrets to light in this half-hour stand-up special.