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Favorite Comedians

Richard Pryor


There is nothing I can say about Richard Pryor that hasn’t been said before and by people far more respected than I, but Richard Pryor is, in my opinion, the best stand up comic ever.  His humor encompassed anything and everything Rich could think about, and let you into his life by letting the audience laugh at his own unbounded rationality.

Richard Pryor changed the way stand up comedy was done and influenced generations of stand up comics that will come.

Mitch Hedberg


Simply perfect.  His calm demeanor, relaxed voice, and unusual cadence creates a comedic environment which Mitch takes full advantage of.  With a series of non sequiturs strung together with the lack of solid segways, Mitch somehow brings the audience to their knees with a feeling of Steven Wright on acid.

Mitch was brilliant and will be truly missed, and its unfortunate that most of the world never had to the opportunity to experience his magic.

Louis C.K.


Louis C.K. is a talented comedian whose unconventional rants about average life draw in the audience like mosquitoes to a bug zapper.  His sardonic outlook on life along with his hopeful pessimism embody a strange sense of satisfaction and comedy that will not be soon forgotten.
His material is not original and yet Louis uniquely owns his sets through perfect delivery, pace, and irritation that keeps us coming back.

Highly recommended for those who do not mind a dissonant brand of humor mixed in with foul language, or those from Boston.

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