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Born in Hampton, VA but raised in Dallas, TX (No we all don't wear cowboy boots and caowboy hats and ride horses while going hee-haw! We donb't say Howdy folks well I don't! We all don't have land and farms as we hardly ever see any open land now a days as the government ruined it all by taking over and building a lot of junky department and grocery stores as they are on every corner as well a church on each street! Yes in TX we need all the help that GOD can give us! Go Figure!! I take care of my mom at my house as I would never put her in a so-called nursing home where she would try escaping daily and have her crying everyday thinking her family dumped her at her lowest point in life as she has alzheimer's disease! She had to go to a nursing home for 3 weeks for rehab and it was pure hell after a really bad hospital....don't want to say names.....(Baylor of Dallas hospital) experience we had to go through as they did not care at all and made me stay with her at all times as the care was horrible very horrible as the nurses refused to give her alzheimer's med to calm her down as she was upset but instead drugged her to keep her in bed and dead all day and refused to feed her as they just rolled her tray in and had it so far away from the bed that I wanted to kill these people who will rot in hell! She would eat if you woke her up and sat her out of bed in chair and pulled table next to her and she ate on her own and all her food!!!!

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