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I don’t know he makes me laugh giantfreaks830… Isn’t that what comedy is all about???  Grow up.  My hands would have HURT typing all that B.S. nonesence that doesn’t matter, but thank you anyway.

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Jeff Foxworthy: You Might Be A Redneck If
You might be a redneck if you had a failing sitcom costarring Haley Joel Osment. You might be a redneck if you helped form one of the biggest powerhouse teams in comedy history. You might be a redneck if you’ve sold 15 million comedy albums. If your comedy sales are more than twice that of Richard Pryor and Steve Martin combined, you might be a redneck. Jeff Foxworthy flat out knows how to make people laugh. He is a pioneer for southern-based stand-up comedians like Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Larry the Cable Guy (a group aptly named the Blue Collar Comedy Group). Do all of these records make him the best ever? I don’t think so. The same reason Nascar isn’t the best sport, yet most popular in the United States. But just because he’s not the best, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t deserved an incredible amount of respect for his work in stand-up. His fame all started with You Might Be A Redneck If, a CD that went multiplatinum (not too bad for your first album).

The CD starts off with a bit that has garnered Foxworthy quite a bit of fame. His first joke deals with Southern words and dialects. He lists off several terms that one would hear a Southerner say, and makes fun of the absurdity of them. None of them are actual words, but in fact a conjunction of words that are mashed together and spoken with a Southern twang (“y’all” would be the most common I can think of, but Foxworthy goes much deeper than this simple example).

Then the joke that has made him oh so famous, You Might Be A Redneck If… Probably the most famous comedy catchphrase of all time, surpassing Steve Martin’s “Excuuuuuuuuse me!” and Rodney Dangerfield’s “No respect!” (or a variant thereof). Foxworthy throws out redneck joke after redneck joke, each one leaving the audience rolling. They aren’t deep, they aren’t profound, they’re just fun, a statement that sums up Jeff Foxworthy. But considering how this one track launched such a career, it’s surprising how its less than three minutes long. He has even said that most of his comedy comes from the differences between men and women, people just love the redneck jokes the most. And he’s right. Over sixteen minutes of this album are dedicated to tracks dealing with relationships.

He talks about being a father, particularly of fathering babies. From changing diapers to parents talking about how brilliant their children are, these jokes are overall amusing, with an occasional gut-busting line here and there. Oddly enough, he goes from these jokes to jokes about being single, and all the excitement and trouble it causes. Foxworthy contrasts the differences between single guys telling sex stories to married men telling sex stories. Like I said, funny, but not entirely ground-breaking material.

On the longest track of the CD, Foxworthy covers a wide variety of related topics. From weddings, to road trips with family, to general husband-wife oddities, his material is not exclusive to Southern tendencies, but instead it’s more inclusive to most married couples. One of his favorite jokes (which has found variations on other CDs and specials) deals with wives asking dangerous questions, and the traps they create for men. All of these relationship jokes are his real specialty, and he does them very, very well.

Jeff Foxworthy is a comedian with very run-of-the-mill deliveries. He tells good jokes filled with some great lines that relate to a wide assortment of people, both from the Bible belt and otherwise (though it’s no secret that his biggest draw comes from the South). If you’re looking for an act that leaves you pondering the society we live in, he’s not the comedian for you. If you’re looking for a stand-up that entertains on a more superficial level with every day situations, you might be a fan of Jeff Foxworthy.

Worst Track: Words in the South
Best Track: I Love Being Married

Overall rating: 6/10

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