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Sam Thorton says:
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Not for me. So just my review. Not just the stealing thing. Though he does say it better but that’s comparing apples to apples. Still I would not pay again to see him. His own material not good either. Delivery feels lacking. But who knows may be good for you. Check out his stuff on YouTube. Not every comic is for everyone.

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Ricky Henderson says:
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Frogacuda uses screen names that are very derivative and it might even be stolen.
His reviews of stand up comics are STAEL and it’s obvious his opinions are stolen from an affliction wearing podcaster he wishes he could blow.

He may have talent, but until he actually sees - EXPERIENCES - a live show of Jay Mohr, he doesn’t have the work ethic to be trusted as a reviewer

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Ricky Henderson says:
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Jay Mohr is a very polarizing person in stand up comedy.
Except among th audiences that see him live.
He is without a doubt on a different level of consciousness up there.
He opens his guts and shares the most embarrassing things that have ever happened to him -( blowing neighborhood kids at 10 years old. Among many others)
To say Jay Mohr steals material is an admission you haven’t seen him live.
It’s impossible to steal the stories he tells about himself and his family.

He doesn’t prepare it seems - but that’s the joy.
Watching Mohr pull dozens of call backs out of thin air is nothing short of. Magic trick.

To say impressions are his bread and butter is laughable, he’ll perform months without doing any.

To say he lacks work ethic is, well, shameful.
You don’t write a New York Times best selling book
- GASPING FOR AIRTIME w/o work ethic.
Weekly podcast Mohr Stories is the HIGH standard for what a podcast should be.
Daily podcast Mohr Sports is incredibly fun.
He raises two kids.
He acts whenever he can
His work with Mental Health advocacy is unparalleled.

The review above has an ax to grind. The material in
FUNNY FOR A GIRL is so unique and so “Mohr Specicif”.
He LOVES his fan base and emils/texts/speaks with them every day.

May Mohr has what no other comic has. A fearlessness to let the audience know he is a mess. He is working on becoming a better person. And he tackles subject matter that no other comic has the strength and humility to share nationally

I’ve heard comics shit talk JJ and it always sounds phony .
The only problem anyone should have with Jay Mohr is they haven’t met him yet.

I watched him do 5 shows in Denver at Comedy Works and I swear on my life he didn’t repeat material.

Whoever wrote the other review of FUNNY FOR A GIRL (the highest rated Showtime special by a white comic - as was his follow up
HAPPY AND A LOT) is a fanboy for either Rogan or Stanhope.

The guy isn’t miserable and loves performing and has a genuine gratitude for the people that paid to see him.

I’d vote for him as the greatest living stand up

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Frogacuda says:
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Jay Mohr is proof that there’s a difference between being a funny guy and a good comic. He’s fast, has a great delivery, and does some of the best impressions around, but he also uses a lot of stale, derivative, or even stolen material. He has the talent, but not the work ethic to be a good comic.

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