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angrymatt says:
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Hearing this guy on a weekly pod cast Walking the Room is amazing.  He dose tend to go on the rabbit trail every now and again. but the guy is flipping funny.  I’ve been a fan of the guy since his comedy central presents. he also wrote the book He’s not just that in to you, and a bunch of other relationship books. to me i feel that Greg seems like a very relatable guy, one of the things that i think he gets critized for in the comedy circles for is the books that he’s writen. and to tell you the truth some of you might say he sold out. To you who say that all i have to say is listen to his act like you’ve never read his books on relationships. It’s kind of like going to a Patton Oswald show and hear him doing his first R rated joke and then getting pissed that he’s not the guy from king of queens. Greg is not the senstive relationship guy that you think. if you guys can absorb all of this guys stuff.

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