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Frogacuda says:
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Gallagher is the comedy equivalent of a New Wave band; dated, dripping in a layer of cheese that just isn’t acceptable to like these days, and largely forgotten except for that one big hit, but there’s a reason you loved it so much back in the ‘80s.

Gallagher rose to fame on his gimmicks and props, and then paid the price for it later on when it all became passe, but it’s a shame, because he’s actually a good writer, capable of sharp, Carlin-esque wordplay and social commentary.

Alas, he remains a slave to the Sledge-O-Matic to ever-dwindling audiences. Had Gallagher managed to reinvent himself, he might still be big, and he’s still an act worth seeing for the monologue between the splats.

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QuinnSanford says:
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Gallagher was my gate way into comedy. I was five or six when I saw one of his many showtime specials. My dad loved Dice/Kinison and well I became crazy for comedy. I owe this guy a lot, I have a lot of great childhood memories because of him.

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