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bdub37 says:
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Come on he’s doing stuff, to date people, that no one else is doing.  I LOVE THE BUSH AND BARKLEY stuff… keep going Frank… I like you… not like any other sap of the this forum!!!!

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trfe says:
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Ugg…this guy annoys the shit out of me. I have never seen his standup and would never go unless i heard overwhelming great word of mouth about his act…but i would be very skeptical. I have seen him do comedy on various tv shows. All are a resounding failure. He does impressions that all sound the same…to me at least, half the time i would never be able to guess who he is doing, and I am up on my pop culture. For havign a career seemingly based on impressions his are pretty bad. His 15 minutes of fame by spoofing John Madden are essentially over. Damn you dish network for hiring him for those horrible commercials…i mean seriously? That is your ad campaign? Laughable…and not in the way you had hoped.

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