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Jokes by Natasha Leggero

Natasha Leggero on Paternity Tests

Did you know they had home paternity tests now at Rite Aid? Not pregnancy tests. Paternity tests. So you can go down the aisle… you and your kid, 'Uh, let's get some toilet paper. You want an ice cream cone? You know, while we're at it why don't we see who your daddy is."

Natasha Leggero on Prostitutes

Bragging that you had sex with a prostitute is like bragging that you got some chips from a vending machine.

Natasha Leggero on Breakups

I just broke up with a guy… it's hard breaking up with them, 'cause you have to be like, "Listen, you've run out of money."

Natasha Leggero on Rappers

How come there's no self-effacing rappers? "Had to go to Goodwill to get this jacket/ that's 'cause I'm in a low-income tax bracket."

Natasha Leggero on Babies

My friends who have babies can't do anything. Having a baby is like a DUI from the universe.