Born: August 6, 1980
BlueMeter: Risqué

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Tuesday | August 27
Rory Scovel: In Progress
Vermont Comedy Club
Burlington, VT

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2021 Live Without Fear
2013 Rory Scovel Live at Third Man Records

Vinyl only. All track titles are in braille.

2013 HOLY FUCK. Live Comedy.

Compilation. Features multiple artists.

2011 Dilation

Specials (and other video)

2017 Rory Scovel: Rory Scovel Tries Stand-Up for the First Time
2016 This Is Not Happening: Blunder

Storytelling show. Features multiple comedians.

2016 The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail Season 3: The One with More Dicks

Showcase features multiple comedians.

2016 Rory Scovel: The Charleston Special

Released on Seeso

2014 The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail Season 1: The One with the Travel Stories

Showcase features multiple comedians.

2013 Funny as Hell (Season 3)

Featured Multiple Comedians. Aired on HBO Canada.

2013 John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show (Season 4)
2012 The Half Hour Rory Scovel
2011 John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show (Season 2)

Features multiple comedians.

2007 Live at Gotham (Episode 208)

Features multiple comedians

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No books by or about this comedian.


Growing up in Greenville, South Carolina, Rory Scovel would channel his hyperactive energy into basketball, soccer, tennis, and goofing around. Ultimately, his lanky body and proclivity for weed led him to only go pro in goofing around.

After graduating from University of South Carolina Upstate, Rory was inspired by the work of fellow southern comedian <a href="/comedians/comic/david-cross">David Cross</a> to perform open mics in the local area. He eventually made his way up to Washington D.C., where he performed for three years, then on to New York for another three years. During his trip up the East Coast, Scovel honed his infectious goofy energy and improv-heavy set.

Like fellow Carolinian <a href="/comedians/comic/zach-galifianakis">Zach Galifianakis</a>, Scovel’s act mixes absurd non-sequiturs and faux audience disdain with light-hearted wordplay, silly voices, and occasional piano playing. His work contains numerous references to his upbringing in South Carolina and routinely features a perplexed southern gentleman commenting on the sinful modern world in an exaggerated drawl.

He released his first hour-long stand-up album “Dilation!” in 2011. A huge music nerd, Scovel performed his second album, 2013’s “Rory Scovel Live at Third Man Records,” at Jack White’s famous recording headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. This record is only available in vinyl.

Recently, Scovel has garnered online attention with several absurd Andy Kaufman-esque Conan appearances, including one in which he dons a tuxedo and acts like a suave yet unhinged nightclub singer, and another with comedian <a href="/comedians/comic/jon-dore">Jon Dore</a> in which he pretends the show has accidentally booked two guests.

Scovel filmed his first hour special, 2015’s Rory Scovel: the Charleston Special, with his own money. The special was the first released on the all-comedy streaming network Seeso. Scovel subsequentally released it on his website for $5 in the same way Louie C.K. released Live at the Comedy Store. Scovel opened for Louie earlier in their careers.

Scovel's second hour special - the facetiously titled "Rory Scovel Tries Stand-Up for the First Time" - premieres on June 20 on Netflix.

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