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2003Let’s Roll

Specials (and other video)

2007Laughing Matters... More!
2004Out on the Edge
2003Coming Out Party
2000Comedy Central Presents René Hicks
1999Premium Blend (Season 3)

Features multiple comedians

1993Two Drink Minimum

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Take a woman born and raised in S.F. under the strict, watchful eye of her dad, a Pentecostal preacher, who insists she goes to college to make something of herself. She earns a business degree and after graduation she passes the CPA exam and goes to work at one of the largest accounting firms in the world and settles into life as a Certified Public Accountant. Then one night, with some friends, she goes to a local comedy club and on a dare-sweetened by $100 and the knowledge that her favorite comedian, Robin Williams, got his start there, she gets onstage to do an unrehearsed routine. Let the audience laugh uproariously and then less than a year later, let that spontaneous woman take a leave from number crunching and hit the road that leads to comedy success. This sounds like an idea for a new television sitcom, but this is the real life story of Rene Hicks. Such a drastic career switch didn’t go over well at home. Her deeply religious mother feared that church members, hearing that Rene was working in nightclubs, would think that she was a stripper! However, Rene was smitten by the world of comedy; she had to give it a go.

Now a comedy club veteran, Rene has performed her intelligent and universally appealing humor in countless clubs across the US and internationally, resulting in her having been the first African-American woman ever nominated for an American Comedy Award for “Best Female Stand-up”. She has appeared on numerous television shows, including her own half hour special - “Comedy Central Presents…Rene Hicks”. She has also appeared on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”, ABC’s “Politically Incorrect”, Showtime’s “Full Frontal Comedy” and NBC’s “Comedy Showcase” with Louie Anderson. She has also guested on ABC’s “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” and appeared in “Low Down Dirty Shame” with Keenan Ivory Wayans. Rene is also enormously popular on the college campus circuit, having performed at over 500 colleges and universities throughout the U.S. She is a two-time recipient of the coveted National College Comedian of the Year Award.

Making the move from accounting to comedy was obviously a sound business decision for Rene, as being funny is her greatest asset. Her deep level of passion and commitment isn’t limited to making people laugh. While attending college, she was a nationally ranked, all-American distance runner. That fervor for athletics extends to her dedication as a sports fan-she was on the waiting list for five years before finally getting season tickets for the 49ers. She often flies from Los Angeles to San Francisco to attend the home games of her beloved SF 49ers and Giants. Indeed, everywhere she tours, Rene squeezes in as many sporting events as possible. And, if you get her into a discussion on any sport, watch the stories unfold and the statistics fly. “There’s no sport I haven’t played or know something about, except maybe Jai Alai.” Despite her crazy schedule, she keeps in shape by participating in whatever sporting activity is available to her….She’s not one to stay put for very long.

Rene also takes time to give something back to the community, by volunteering with Special Olympics and Caring For Babies With Aids. “I feel that God has given me so much, that it’s my duty to in turn give to others”, she explains.

Wherever Rene s exploding career takes her, she will always feel at home on a stage, with a mike and a stool. “I think stand-up is the only art form where you’re really intimate with the audience; you get directly into somebody’s psyche. You know nothing about them, may have nothing in common with them, but still touch them. That’s why I truly love doing comedy, because laughter brings people together and we need a lot more laughter in this world and a lot less of the stupid crap that divides us.