Born: July 21, 1952
BlueMeter: Risqué

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Friday | July 5

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2004 Large and In Charge

Specials (and other video)

2004 George Wallace: Large & in Charge
1991 One Night Stand: George Wallace

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2013 Laff It Off!


By the age of six George Wallace wanted to be a comedian, but knew he first needed an education. He attended college at the University of Akron, Ohio. Upon graduating with degrees in transportation and marketing, George entered the advertising work force. Still, George’s dream of being a comedian had a strong hold on him. Within a week of leaving the advertising field, he began to perform stand-up comedy and was offered a job writing for “The Red Foxx Show.”

George won an American Comedy Award for “Best Stand Up Comedian” after being continually nominated four years in a row. George’s television credits include HBO One Night Stand, Hallmark’s movie Santa Jr. (2002), Seinfeld, The Parkers, Moesha, The Tonight Show, Oprah, Hollywood Squares, Late Show With David Letterman, Rosie O’Donnell, Live With Regis, Politically Incorrect, Entertainment Tonight, E! Entertainment, Extra and a guest-host on Later on NBC. As well as In The Heat Of The Night, Tall Hopes, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, and Arliss. George also appeared in numerous films including Comedian, The Wash, Three Strikes, Little Nicky, A Rage In Harlem, Punchline, Postcards From The Edge, Batman Forever and Ladykillers.

George’s most recognized material is his “Yo Mama” and “I Be Thinkin” jokes, which encourage audience participation. Every show George selects a few people out of the crowd to go one on one in a comical banter. George shows his gratitude to his audience by signing autographs and taking photos after every show.

Unlike any other comedy show in Las Vegas, George gives away a number of prizes every night including CD’s, DVD’s, diamond necklaces, dinners at prestigious restaurants, tropical cruises and even a new car. One of Wallace’s ongoing jokes is he plans on calling past audience members in the middle of the night…to let them know they have not won the car. You never know what will happen at the George Wallace show. You could end up on George's radio show "Bits on the Strip" if you are caught by the George Wallace Street Team.

Wallace is an evolving comedian, which is why you will never see the same show twice. George is always thinkin’. Fans can now get a taste of what George be thinkin’ at his website

In 2004, Wallace began a 30 day run as a headliner at the Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada. The shows did so well that the Flamingo extended Wallace's contract indefinitely. Ultimately his 30 day run turned into 10 years of performances, with Wallace finally closing his show on April 26, 2014.