Tonight: Joe Rogan, Talking Monkeys in Space

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I’m in Chicago for Just For Laughs, getting ready for another night of the ha-ha. But if you’re not here, the best place might just be your couch for Joe Rogan’s new hour special, “Talking Monkeys in Space.” Joe has been making his name as a stand-up in the last few years with his willingness to confront the ills of the business, particularly joke thievery. But more than a passionate defender of the art, Rogan is a great practitioner of it, weaving some philosophical insight into his jokes that bring him into territory few comics cover. This bit of evolution here is just a small part of something larger about human hubris in going places we shouldn’t be. Check it:

“Joe Rogan: Talking Monkeys in Space” airs tonight at Midnight on Spike.

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Posted by Marlo Franson on 07/17  at  09:10 PM

Love this Guy. Saw him at Yuk Yuks here in Vancouver. So Funny. Thanks for the entertainment man you the best and all over UFC and everything. Very Cool. Check ya later Marlo Franson

Posted by Lu M on 04/02  at  01:01 PM

Hahaha.  This DVD is hilarious, it gets so much better than just this clip!  Joe Rogan is a man of many hats, love him on Fear Factor.  This DVD is a must buy!!!!!

Posted by Lu M on 04/09  at  01:19 PM

HILARIOUS.  His DVD Talking Monkeys in Space is bomb.  Definitely underestimated his funniness 😊

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