Tonight: America at a Crossroads looks at Muslim Comics

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Tonight, the PBS Show “America at the Crossroads” will take a look at Muslim performers and stand-up comedy. The focus of the series is the war on terror and the many aspects of American culture that have changed since 9/11, so naturally much of the show will be how these artists have responded to the events.

If you’re familiar at all with the Axis of Evil comedy tour and special, you’ll recognize some of the names and the comedy from this documentary, including Ahmed Ahmed. Here’s a look at Ahmed Ahmed doing something that’s, sadly, fertile ground for Muslims who perform stand-up… checking into the airport.

But there’s a look at other performers in an earlier spot in their careers. Here’s Maysoon Zayid talking particularly about the challenges on the other side of being a Muslim stand-up - those from her own community.

America at the Crossroads look at Muslim comics premieres tonight. It’s on at 10PM in most places, but check your local listings for times.

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