The Office: Kevin’s Loan, Part 1

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The first webisode of The Office went live on NBC earlier. While these two minute shorts are really just methodone for Office addicts, it’s still The Office.. Of course, my first thought any time the shot cut at Oscar was “where were all the other people who work there?” Probably for the best that the next episode looks to be at a bank. Won’t be so focused on the ensemble then.

Nunez does a pretty great Kevin, huh? For every installment, check out NBC’s Office webisode site.

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Posted by keith h. on 07/16  at  11:26 AM

getting paid for these shorts, which the networks weren’t willing to do, is one of the many things the writers were striking for, right?

Posted by David Miller on 07/17  at  02:19 PM

I actually haven’t seen this show yet, and I have been meaning to.  It looks kind of funny, like a pseudo-reality/comedy show.  At least we can laugh when it’s not happening to us.  Fun blog too!  The videos make it pop out.

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