The Making of a Unmade Pauly Shore Hoax

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You may remember last month when a Pauly Shore beatdown in a comedy club was quickly revealed as a hoax. It came off to many as a little desperate. Pauly recently posted on his myspace profile the “making of” the hoax, which, in my mind, kind of redeems it a little. A little. Here’s the video:

One thing that warms me to the attempt a bit more is that you can see in the new video that Pauly is aware enough of how it has to look in order for it to work, quickly chiding the audience not to laugh when he gets hit. That still didn’t stop them in the final event of course and it was one of the small tip offs in the original that things were entirely right. It’s a little fascinating to watch to see how a little detail can spoil the prank. And as a lesson that if you aren’t Andy Kaufman or Sacha Baron Cohen, you might want to stick to your punchlines and catchphrases.

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Posted by Booalready on 01/11  at  10:22 PM

I had not seen this one. Thanks and you are right. It’s not that great.

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