Teaser for Doug Benson’s “Super High Me”

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Doug Benson is essentially taking a punch line from his act and making it into a movie. Super High Me is using the template of Super Size Me to make a movie about marijuana’s effects, with Benson abstaining from smoking pot for 30 days and then getting baked for 30 straight days (“Business as usual” as he describes it).

After viewing the teaser below, I think I actually want Super High Me to be a little serious at times. There’s a suggestion that it’s more documentary than a funny riff on a format, so I might end up very pleased. I laughed pretty hard at Super Size Me at times, much of it because at the core it was important - the public health risks of how we eat. Of course this subject matter is, arguably, not as serious unless Benson is going to look at something like mandatory sentencing laws putting away relative minor offenders. Not sure Benson has something like that in him, but at least the film will have some cameos from folks like Bob Odenkirk and Brian Posehn. That ain’t so bad.

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Posted by Mike on 07/09  at  01:05 PM

It’s tough to buy into a pot movie where the protagonist doesn’t inhale. There wasn’t even a disclaimer explaining why cheeks puffed out instead of lungs. Overall, a funny movie, I admit. But as a pot smoker, I wouldn’t have shared my bowl with Benson, all he did was suck it into his mouth and blow it out as room freshener. Waste not want not, especially since the stuff is more expensive than gold.

Posted by Bejesus on 08/18  at  06:50 AM

+1 on the not inhaling…weak.

Posted by paul on 11/03  at  11:34 PM

To true, it bloody upset me. The least one could have done is got someone who could actually smoke the pot I mean inhale! bummer dude.

Posted by Sam on 04/23  at  04:05 AM

Unbelievable…....not only does he not inhale the cannabis smoke but he doesn’t even inhale the vapor from the volcano!!!  His jokes are juvenile and make the cannabis culture in America look childish.

Also….... People get high all day, every day…....doing it for 30 days is nothing new!

Posted by JOHN on 04/26  at  01:56 AM

Honestly, this movie is probably a step back for decriminalization, except for the part with the real patients, it got pretty immature, must admit i got a couple good laughs, but the reason im here is because the mother fucker didnt inhale! Whats that shit?

Posted by Joe on 01/14  at  05:05 AM

lol watched this yesterday on netflix and wtf , You would of thought after an apparent 17 years of smoking pot that someone would of taught him how to inhale, And you can get stoner of the year from not inhaling? it took me like a week of smoking until i realised how to inhale and i was about 12 years old. instead he just gets his cheeks wasted no wonder no one could tell a difference when he wasnt smoking it . what a joke

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